BookCoach Ron Wolforth’s Book Allows You to
Shorten The Learning Curve to
Achieving Your Pitcher’s Full Potential

“Relying on first-hand experience, in this type of arena, can be quite costly. Imagine if you could avoid injury for your son’s arm, or body? Would you want him to “learn the hard way”? Baseball is a game that requires a ton of perspective from a parent’s viewpoint. All that matters when your son is 12, or 16, or 18 is that along the development curve he has a chance to reach his potential. Regardless of what that potential ceiling is, relying on first-hand knowledge with the possibility of injury and ineffectiveness is not secure.

As a kid, I was a great reader, and from A-Z it seemed like I’d read every available book on pitching, even skimming biographies for inspiration. I never got my hands on Ron’s method until I was already in the major leagues, which by that time I’d already had enough injuries to essential body parts. Perhaps if my family and myself could rewind the clock, then I might have been able to avoid some of the injuries and their lasting effects.

CJ-WilsonA saying you learn in the minor leagues: nobody gets sent to the big leagues from the training room.

Find a way to make yourself stronger, more stable mechanically, and mentally by working on the right program and having a bit of perspective. It’s more important to improve, and if you are going for the top, you better do what you can to keep yourself in onepiece.”

C.J. Wilson
Major League Picher, Los Angeles Angels
2011 American League All-Star