Ron Wolforth is a celebrated speaker and brings a unique perspective to the stage.  Relying on his world-class baseball knowledge and life accomplishments, Coach Wolforth delivers an inspiring presentation.

Coach lives by and preaches the Aristotle philosophy that “We are what we repeatedly do, so excellence is not an act, but a habit.”  With a focus on personal growth, he challenges the status quo and the audience’s comfort zone, pushing them to reach higher.

Sales and Motivational Speaking: Coach Wolforth’s message hits homes with sales people and professional. He speaks on his belief about being uncommon. While utilizing great achievements in sports, he illustrates that when individuals grow into a cohesive team, they can conquer a giant if they put their mind to it. It is a stirring and motivational part of the Wolforth experience. Ron Wolforth makes you feel like you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, and far more than society thinks you should be able to do.

Leadership: Coach Wolforth’s core message relies upon leadership. This message will be received loud and clear. A message that challenges YOU, as an individual, to be responsible for your mind, your talent, and your ability to break through the barriers that the nay sayers around you are determined to push upon you. That leadership is focused on creating yourself into a leader of example, not by words and commands.

The Unconventional: Coach Wolforth’s baseball methods are considered unconventional by current major league standards. One of Coach’s favorite lines is “If they aren’t looking at you and making fun of what you are doing, you aren’t different enough.” Coach Wolforth believes that doing things the way everyone else has done them will get you what everyone else has… mediocrity. Mediocrity is a battle that plagues not only sports but business. Coach Wolforth’s presentation takes you out of the box of traditional thinking and actually makes you think about your life, and how you are approaching your goals and progress. Coach encourages his audiences to be different and to stretch their thinking and attitude, to go beyond the conventional and into uncomfortable, unchartered territory.

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“Truly Inspirational

In all of my years in the corporate world and as Owner/CEO of the Fastball USA Training Centers in Chicago I have never run across another person like Ron Wolforth. Ron Wolforth’s presentations are inspirational, motivating, and a great example of what is possible.

I have had Coach Wolforth speak at Fastball USA on 14 different occasions and look forward to seeing him again next fall for number 15. Everytime Coach Wolforth leaves his audience they have a feeling of going out and conquering the world. It’s amazing how people connect with Ron Wolforths message.

If your looking for THE GUY to bring in to speak for your business – Ron Wolforth is it.

I would recommend Ron to any business looking to improve company performance. He is simply the best!”

Mike Ryan Fastball USA Owner, Schaumburg, IL

“I am a high school coach and father of a college pitcher. In the past 3 years I have heard Ron’s motivating presentation 8 times. Each and every time I feel like I can conquer anything.

Ron goes to great lengths to show how successful people are not born, but made through hard work and tireless specific practice in their craft. He uses professional athletes, sports teams, singers, actors, handicapped individuals, and even animals to make his point. Ron is not only one of the best pitching instructors in the country but also a master at motivating people to reach their potential.

Ron and his powerful message have the same effect on my son. My son told me he respects Ron more than any person around. He said this because Ron genuinely cares about him as a person and not just a performer. He treats everyone with respect and has a way to get you to work harder than you knew you could. He continued by saying Ron’s enthusiasm and passion are traits that he hopes to have when dealing with people in his future.”

Bob Greco