“Almost 6 years Ron Wolforth asked me about hosting a Texas Baseball Ranch 3 day pitching clinic in Southern California. I thought he was mentioning it to me as in just a passing comment however as we were leaving our lunch together he said “No really. Let’s get this clinic done.” And so began my coaching and seminar work with Ron Wolforth which has turned out to be a success both inspirationally for hundreds of baseball players and coaches but also financially for our west coast business, Jim Wagner’s ThrowZone Academy.

Ron Wolforth, along with his wife, Jill, have been to our Southern California Elite Pitcher’s Bootcamp for 5 years and each year his presentation to baseball pitchers throughout the west coast region of the country has been better and better where the past 3 years we have sold out our camps. Two years ago we added a special coaches only clinic on the Thursday before the player’s clinic and last year we had double the coaches show up and listen to Ron for his 3 hour presentation. I know for a fact that what he has taught and spoken about has been instituted into the school’s baseball programs for many of these coaches who were there to learn.

His power point presentations and ease of his speaking ability to both motivate and inspire coaches, parents and in our cases players is truly remarkable. The questionairres that we give to our classes asking for what they liked/disliked/would like to see improved almost always come back with how powerful Ron’s talks with the entire group is each day. From inspirational videos, to hands on application of skill development and to the feeling of Ron speaking directly to each and every attendee is truly a blessing to everyone who attends our camps.

From my experience of listening to teachers and/or motivational speakers, I can think of no one who brings more to a presentation of inspiration than Ron Wolforth. Besides Ron being a mentor for me he is also a great friend and business partner. ”

Jim Wagner
Owner and Operator, Jim Wagner’s ThrowZone Academy

“My name is Randy Sullivan, I am a physical therapist, a baseball coach and the father of 3 elite baseball players (1 college, 2 high school). I am the owner of Sullivan Rehab Services and The ARMory Power Pitching Academy.

The benefits I have garnered through my association with Ron Wolforth cannot be overstated. Knowing Ron Wolforth has made me a better man–and that is truly not hyperbole.

I first met Ron during the summer of 2009 when I took my 18 year old son to the Texas Baseball Ranch to see if this internet guy could give us some ideas on how to throw harder. Boy did I ever get more than I anticipated.

Since that initial visit to Montgomery Texas, I have studied Ron’s work and we have become good friends. I have absolutely learned tons about baseball and the act of pitching. However more importantly, he has rekindled my passion for learning, and he has inspired me to be a better coach, a better physical therapist, and a better husband and father.

In 2011, with guidance from Ron, I opened up The ARMory Power Pitching Academy. Using many of Ron’s training principles about baseball and life, we have been able to help dozens of young men achieve their dreams of playing college and/or professional baseball.

Over the years, Ron has introduced me to literature outside the realm of baseball by influential authors such as Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Coyle, David Schrenk, Carol Dweck and many others. These authors along with Ron’ s teachings have changed the way I manage my physical therapy practice, how I coach and guide my players/students, and how I interact with my wife and children.

For years I had been fooled by the masses into believing that high achievers in all fields were just incredibly blessed or just genetically superior to the rest of us. Through Ron’s leadership and example, I have realized that genetics play only a minor role in personal development, and that behavior and environment are exponentially more important. I now believe that if one is willing to be uncommon, and is willing to work hard and smart, he can achieve just about anything. I owe that new optimism to Ron.

For 20 years I have been a baseball coach and the owner of a Physical Therapy practice. From 1993 to 2009 I was a control freak. I was the kind of coach and owner who needed to be the centerpiece of the organization. Now, as a result of my involvement with Ron, I see myself as a servant and an enabler commissioned to help those around me achieve their dreams and goals. I owe that change to Ron Wolforth. His ability as a master teacher has opened my eyes to the concepts of guided discovery and natural learning, and deep practice.

Ron’s limitless optimism and genuine hope for success for all those around him are contagious traits that permeate his every interaction.

I have heard Ron speak at least 12 times. Each time his approach is fresh and new, and I leave motivated and inspired to become better in every avenue of life.

Sure, Ron is a great communicator and innovator within the game of baseball. But what he does transcends baseball. Using baseball as his vehicle, he teaches people how to have happy, healthy, and prosperous lives.

I highly recommend him as a keynote speaker to any organization looking to improve their mindset, processes and efficiency. His ideas and motivations are truly life changing. I’m honored to call him my friend.

If you have any other questions, or if I can be of any further assistance, Please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Randy Sullivan